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Fundilusa has the operational response capacity
resulting into a immediatel reaction to the changes
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The whole production in the company is guided by the information and the procedures developed by the Engineering Department. Using specific software for the different production applications (such as ProEngineer, Inventor, Hypermill and Quikcast), Fundilusa engineers plan and monitor every production stage. This includes: robot programmes for pattern milling, casting simulations, CNC programmes for turning and milling, development of 3D dimensional control files and, in short, all necessary specifications to carry out work with all guarantees of success.

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Every pattern used for the casting of the Fundilusa products is made in our own facilities. Propellers, blades, hubs and other components for propulsion have their first step in the making of the pattern. The robotised and craftsmanship production and 3D measurement carried out and monitored in this first manufacturing stage are essential to obtain a full guaranteed product.

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After 20 years of constant growth and development, nowadays Fundilusa has one of the strongest foundries in the sector. With over 7,000 square metres in facilities, two induction furnaces with a 30 Ton capacity, four sand mixing machines for moulding and the most modern production controls turn our company into a solid and reliable choice for the most demanding clients. All melts carried out have their own material monitored in the furnace by means of chemical analysis and degassing procedures in order to strictly meet the quality and specification of each material.

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A machine shop like ours, with over 20 machines including lathes, milling machines and auxiliary machinery ensures the necessary capacity for the machining of all our products. Our client’s technical specifications, as well as the CNC programmes needed for production are developed in the engineering department and placed in the shop by an ERP specific module. Nearly all our products are delivered ready for assembly. Some of them are even assembled in our own facilities; only a small percentage of our products are delivered in a pre-machined or rough-cast state.

CNC Robot milling

Two robotic cells, for surface milling of FP propellers with a maximum capacity of 12tons, and a propeller diameter of 4.600. Spherical reach of each robot of 3.3 m.

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Grinding and Polishing

The quality and final geometry of all our products are defined in the grinding and polishing work shop. Later to blade surfaces rough CNC machining, it is in this work shop where one carries out the adjustments and necessary corrections for the perfect geometric definition of the hydrodynamic surfaces that characterize our pieces. Thirty five polishers, four 10 tons cranes and one of 40 tons, two dynamic balancing machines 1 and 30 tons and all the resources for the correct final assembly, in the case of being necessary, assure the possibility of providing to most demanding clients.

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Since the order is received until it is delivered in our shops, the whole production is under the ISO 9001 quality system, which the Fundilusa group has had since 1999. In order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the client, this quality system ensures traceability of all products throughout the production process and ensures a continuous improvement in the production procedures. Chemical analysis, tensile strength tests, impact tests, dimensional measurements are some of the controls carried out during the different manufacturing stages. Our products are classified by the main classification societies, before their delivery. The classification societies ABS, GL, DNV, RINA, LRS and BV, among others, certify all the products manufactured in Fundilusa.

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Surface protection

Marine biofouling is a problem that costs the naval sector millions every year. In Fundilusa we have made a Joint Venture with Tecnan to develop the Weecoat-07. Weecoat-07 is an anti-adherent coating with hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-corrosion properties. Applying the Weecoat07 to our newly finished propellers gives them extra protection against wear and corrosion, eliminating the adhesion of marine organisms, increasing the efficiency and durability of the entire propulsion system.

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Products capacities

The Fundilusa team has achieved several improvements over the years. These enable the company to be more flexible and adapt itself to the new and diversified demand of propellers and components for marine propulsion.

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